Did I lie – not technically??

I have boasted numerous times throughout my blog that I am a city girl, that I love Toronto and I can go on and on about my city – the city I love. 

In reality, very rarely do I make it to “Toronto”.  You see, I live on the outskirts of what people from Toronto call Toronto.  I was actually born and raised in Scarborough.  A decade or so ago, the municipalities amalgamated and we became the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) so Scarborough disappeared and Toronto resurfaced bigger and better (?) than ever before.  But, when push comes to shove, I am from Scarborough. This is my home, and I am much more comfortable walking the streets of this city, than I am downtown Toronto. 

Downtown, to me, is a special place to go.  I don’t do it very often, because like me, most of my friends are more comfortable staying in Scarborough then venturing downtown to visit.  However, Saturday I did just this – alone.  *cue scary music now* 

I headed to the subway and took the subway to Bloor, transferring to the Yonge St line to get to Dundas which leads right into the Eaton Centre.  Ms. J’s mom (also J) works at L’attitude hair salon and I had an appointment to finally get my mop coloured and trimmed.  Because being downtown makes me feel fancy, I went to Starbucks instead of Tim Hortons and got a cold refreshing drink to cool down because Saturday was SO hot (me, on a subway sweating with a hundred other sweaty people was gross and I missed my car, but I was being a true Torontonian so I was having fun underground). 

An hour and half later, I came out looking and feeling like a million bucks and I had zero desire to go home.  I decided to meet up with GBF who was working downtown and we had drinks and lunch at the Real Sports Bar across from the Air Canada Centre.  While this place is crazy expensive, the atmosphere was great (the Toronto Blue Jays were playing) and the food and drinks were awesome so I was not complaining.  GBF and I always have a great time together so we had fun, but he had to go back to work, so I called the one friend I knew was downtown – crazy cat lady. 

Her auntie lives in a condo at Yonge and Bloor, so after confirming plans, I hopped back on the subway (seriously $3.00 a ride is ridiculous) and met CCL for a relaxing afternoon with her sweet auntie. 

Around 6:00 they went for dinner and I took the subway home (after eating at the Sports Bar I was stuffed silly).  I was happy to be back in Scarborough, in my car, driving me to my home, but I had so much fun downtown, I really do want to spend more time exploring this city – this MEGACITY that I love.

 XOXO Nikilee