seven piles of what???

When someone has worked a full life, retired, had benefits, RRSP’s, stocks, bank accounts, property and insurances they also have another thing – a LOT of paper. 

Last night, I decided it was time to buckle down and organize my father’s paper work.  However, I have never seen 90% of the documents he has before because other than a bank account, I don’t own a lot of “paper”.  Trying to figure out what I need and what I don’t need is difficult and time consuming.  I had gotten a large majority of it finally placed in neat piles, went to the washroom and when I came out, my lovely dog had decided to trample all over it, moving it around the bed and half on the floor. 

“I love my dog I love my dog I love my dog I love my dog I love my dog I love my dog I love my dog I love my dog” 

So frustrating, his cute, sad looking face made me sigh and move on though.  Needless to say, I lovingly pushed him off the bed and started again.  It wasn’t so hard because I knew I wanted to keep it all at least because the garbage papers I had placed in a large envelope for shredding.  

When everything is said and done, I will get a will, I will prepare as much as my documents as I can and I’ll do my best not to hoard anything.  This is a lot of work.  

It’s heartbreaking to do it, and to do it alone, saddens me to my core, but I also know it needs to be done.  It’s hard to see my father’s life, resulting in just paper work left behind.  

The government doesn’t make it easy either – everyone wants copies of the will, death certificates, my signature in blood (okay maybe not so dramatic but it FEELS dramatic).  

I am exhausted.  My father was a fairly organized man, but after 69 years of life, things are bound to need some taking care of.  Good thing for everyone, organizing is a sport to me.  I will continue everything else I need to do tonight and tomorrow and hopefully by the weekend what I need to do will be done. 

Time will tell…
XOXO Nikilee

It’s that time of year…

Every July/August I get to do what every crazy-organized person loves to do…


I know, I am insane.  I mean, buying a new Agenda and filling in birthdays and anniversaries actually makes me a happy person.  Using pretty new pens of different colours.  I get a weird high and I love it!  I look forward to it every year! 

Pens and Sharpies all colours of the rainbow!!

This year I headed over to Staples (Business Depot) and spent about 20 minutes looking through the different options.  I never buy a plain one and I never buy the same one as the year before!

Yesterday at lunch I spent my hour filling in special dates with my colourful pens and thinking of all the fun I am going to have this year and how I want to fill in every special day I have. 

I do not have OCD.  Trust me, my bff has OCD and I am not like her in that way, but I MUST have my life organized.  You would think I am SOOOOO busy that I have to write it down or else I will double, triple book myself, but it’s not that.  I just like seeing it written down, if it’s not, I could forget.  Many of my days remain blank because other than work and home, I have no other plans, but it’s not about keeping everything straight, it’s more of having a reference point. 

So today, is the start of a new Agenda year.  I am happy.  I can’t wait to fill in my dates as I go and share my experiences with you all – my loyal fans…LOL…okay, readers. 

XOXO Nikilee