beKause of the drama, i’m talKing about the Kardashians

Yep, two days before I leave for a week-long vacation to the Dominican and I am bogged down with personal and professional drama.  The personal drama is whatever to me because it’s idiotic, but the professional drama, is REALLY starting to get to me.  So what am I going to do…I’m gonna talk about the Kardashians.

A year ago you NEVER would have had me write a single word about these women.  I never cared about them and had no idea who they were.  Lately (because I get E) I have watched the whole Kim and Kris wedding drama and lately have gotten into the older Kourtney and Khloe take Miami *I’m in Miami bitch*.  I have a few opinions about these women and because I am opinionated and bored by my own drama, I am going to talk about these women.

Kourtney, the oldest of the sisters. She is a beautiful, successful woman with a man by her side, a son she adores and a bun in the oven.  Now, I am not sure how much actual work she does (I don’t count appearances or photo shoots cause really…I just don’t), but she truly loves her family and her friends and this is clearly witnessed on all of her shows.  My one grip with her – she sleeps in the same bed as her son and not her boyfriend (common-law husband Scott).  This is weird to me.  I have other friends who sleep in bed with their children, quite a few actually and it’s just weird.  Once in a while okay, but I believe women really need to nurture their relationship with their significant other and how can they do that with a toddler or young child in between them or if he is not even in the same bed!!!!  Scott doesn’t like this arrangement but it seems like what ever the Kardashian sisters want, the Kardashian sisters get. Since she is pregnant again, clearly they do spend SOME time together, but I hope for her sake she can ensure her relationship with Scott is secure and protected.

Now Kim…everyone wants to put a hate on for her…did Kris not propose to her, did Kris not say I DO?  Kim and Kris have fought since the beginning of this proposal from what I saw and if Kris thought Kim treated him poorly then Kris should have man’d up and kicked her ass to the curb.  But no, he liked the idea of being in the Kardashian clan just as much as she liked the idea of being married and having everyone fawn all over her.  I don’t dislike Kim, she isn’t my favourite sister and I do not by any means enjoy watching her marriage fall apart on national tv, but being a reality star was her decision so she’s getting what she gets paid for – publicity, negative publicity unfortunately.  She’s a beautiful woman with a good sense for business and I hope she rebounds out of this drama soon. 

Now on to my favourite sister.  Khloe, not only do I love her name (because one day I will name my daughter Chloe) but I think she is the most real sister of the three.  She is beautiful, devoted to her family and husband and hilarious.  She is crude and honest and I love that about her.  She would be the one I would be friends with.  Reminds me of my girl E (the Doberman owner).  Khloe loves Lamar so much she followed him to Dallas when he got traded.  What did Kim say about Milwaukee where Kris was playing “that she wouldn’t move there”.  I hope Khloe has a great life, she yearns for a child so much and I think she would be ecstatic to have one…good luck Khloe! 


XOXO Nikilee