Ribs, Pork, Coleslaw and Lemonade – it must be close to summer!

Every year, all across Ontario (and the states too I believe) the Rotary club puts on Rib festivals!  Now I have only ever been to the Scarborough Ribfest and the fest at the CNE in August.  However this year Newbie wanted to go to the Pickering Ribfest – and I am NOT one to turn down ribs…ever…I mean it, I love them!

The great thing about going with friends *his brother and sister-in-law came too* is that you can get a few different things and share them.  Newbie and I got a full rack and a pound of pulled pork.  J and K got the same, but with chicken, beans and coleslaw.  I love coleslaw so I stole a few forkfuls of theirs!  Now, I was not the biggest fan of the sauce from the vendor we went to.  I cannot remember the name, but when I do I will amend the blog in case you were so curious you just had to know!  It was a bit spicy and the meat wasn’t really fall off the bone good so I give them a C+.  They get the + because their pulled pork was divine!  I loved it and ate almost all of it – thinking I’ve now gained a whole pound!  Isn’t that how it works??  LOL…

After we had devoured the food and cleaned ourselves up (cause it ain’t good if you ain’t dirty at the end of it), we walked along for some Lemonade and beer.  And that’s when we saw it – Tiny Tom Donuts!  AHHHHH thank you Lord for creating the man who created TTD.  He should get a straight pass to heaven.  Both Newbie and I discovered we both love the apple-cinnamon versions of these little donuts so thats what we got.

The sky seemed to be darkening as we walked around, talked and enjoyed the evening so we headed back to J and K’s house where we watched hockey and baseball and K and I teased J and Newbie off and on throughout the night. 

Overall I would say a perfect way to spend a Saturday night.  Especially because Sunday would bring Markham Station breakfast and celebrating Newbie’s moms birthday…I love my weekends!

XOXO Nikilee

***The rib place we went to was The Silver Bullet***