First Day of School

My nieces and nephew along with thousands of other Canadians started their first day of school yesterday.  My oldest niece had a great first day of high school despite getting lost twice.  My youngest niece has the best teacher in the school but none of her friends from the year before in her class so it’s bitter-sweet.  My nephew wants to drop history and take more computer classes – which for him is a good idea because he is not going to use history in his future so I hope he is able to.  I started thinking about my first days of school and decided to share with you:

My First Day of Kindergarten:

When most kids are crying and clinging to their parents legs to not leave, I ran in and said goodbye to my mom as quick as possible.  I loved my teacher Mrs. Trimble who was an older lady, close to retirement but had the sweetest disposition about her.  My mom was probably happily disappointed, because unlike my brother who did not want my mom to leave, I said “see ya” and left her at the door ready to start a new chapter in my life.  I loved school from day 1 and never had any problem getting up and going!

My First Day of Grade 7:

I had spent the previous 8 years getting to know my school, my friends, my teachers and of course my ABC’s and 123’s.  I entered middle school where I became a very small fish in what seemed like a huge pond – I mean they had a cafeteria and lockers and a massive gym…plus three floors!  I was only going to stay for two years before I would enter highschool, but I took on the challenge with charm and wit (and nerves and fear and loathing). 

Again, I was lucky to have an amazing teacher who to this day is still my inspiration.  Mr Athill was an amazing teacher who taught me more in that one year then I learned from the next few combined!  I met new kids from the junior schools in the district – Kansas City included – and I got my first boyfriend who also ended up being my first kiss! 

My first day of school all the grade 7’s met in the gym where we were given our class schedules, met our teachers and shyly started to size up our new peers.  We had the best classroom because it looked out over the school yard and was close to the doors to get in and out of the school.  I don’t remember much else about that first day, but I had a blast that entire year!

My First Day of Highschool:

Cedarbrae CI, a school of 2000+ students where I was literally the small, tiny fish, in an Ocean!  I, like my niece, got lost a few times, but thankfully my sister-in-law, who had just been dating my brother for over a year at this point was a senior when I entered ninth grade, so she met me at the classes she could and brought me to my next class.  What a life saver. 

I clung very tightly to my friends from middle school those first few weeks because I was feeling very out of touch with reality.  I had a locker that was nowhere near my classes, a cafeteria where it seemed no one but the older kids spent time in and a math teacher who would look at me and decide if I was going to behave or not and then kick me out if I laughed to loud and spoke in more than a whisper (ya he was an ass and confirmed my hatred for the subject). 

Again, I don’t remember much…but I do have a lot of amazing memories my five years there (remember OAC’s – ya I am a part of that group).

My First Year of University:

Ahhhh Trent, living in G house on Otonabee College!  What a great freaking place to be.  My dad, his ex B and my ex Filipino Boy drove me up to my first University experience.  They helped me carry all my stuff, register for classes, meet my roommate (what another disaster) and hugged and kiss me goodbye.  I immediately started unpacking, because of course, decorating and unpacking is something I LOVE doing!  I ran back and forth to all the different rooms and met all my new housemates!  I was the social butterfly I am today – mainly because I was finally out of my dad’s hands.  As much as I love and adore that man, he was strict.  I had a crazy curfew and crazy rules to follow and now I was free.  However I didn’t abuse it.  I didn’t drink much, I didn’t do drugs, I didn’t really party.  Overall my dad would have been proud for the most part!

My First Year of Post-Grad School:

Medaille College, 25-years-old, at teachers college and ready to make my dreams come true.  I met D and L my car-pool buddies in Burlington and off we went to find out all about teaching and the city of Buffalo.  My car-pool buddies instantly I knew were great girls, cool, fun and easy to get a long with. 

We met our new teachers, went over syllabi and figured our way around.  That year would be academically my best year.  I got straight A’s and I loved every learning opportunity.

***So those are my FIRST’S.  I hope those of you have started a new year at school had a great time and those of you who have littles that went to school – I hope they learn and grow and inspire!

XOXO Nikilee



Very rarely do you ever get two blogs in one day from me – I mean hello I do have to work sometime ya know! 

However I follow a woman’s blog who touched on this very important subject today and I believe that it is something that needs to be discussed and while  not THAT many people read my blog, I do think everyone that does should take time to talk about it with one other person and ask them to talk to one OTHER person about this topic.  Lets spread the word!

Bullying is something that affects children and youth everywhere across this country.  Now, I read the above blog who is from America and it is a disease running rampant down there as well.  Bullying has become the most tolerated form of abuse in the world.  Every school system talks about zero tolerance yet very few actually implement it because of other policies and trust issues (and rich parents breathing down people’s necks).  As a case worker with social services, I no longer see the everyday bullying, however I did two long student placements and have volunteered in schools for years where I saw bullying first hand and wondered how and when people decided that it was okay to torture each other for reasons unknown. 

As an aunt to three amazing kids I have seen bullying between them and I have also seen them stick up for each other when being bullied by outsiders.  My nephew was once suspended for threatening his younger sisters bully while the original bully was let off scott free.  Now I do NOT believe in eye for an eye at all – but really, where is the justice when my nieces bully roams the halls free after telling on my nephew??  I have never been so livid at a school before in my life! 

As a child I wasn’t bullied often, I spent a lot of time hanging out on the outskirts of the “popular” crowd through middle school.  The odd time I was bullied, it was more of a  threat than anything else and quickly ended because of other friends I had.  By the time I got to highschool, I never noticed it.  I guess I played dumb, because I am SURE it happened a lot at my school which was very multi-cultural and had more cliques than a queen-teen Disney movie!  I mixed in with numerous groups and was a fairly friendly person with the jocks, the AV kids, the drama club and numerous kids throughout every grade as I was also a mentor.  By the time I graduated highschool I was a confidant young woman ready to face the world…if only I knew the world could be so ugly. 

There is a new movie coming out called Bully.  It looks into this disgusting world where children are bullied for numerous reasons and very little is ever done about it.  We need to wake up.  Children are dying, they are killing themselves to get away from their bullies.  To protect themselves where the school system, the parents, the ADULTS of this world fail time and time again.

Please do something, call your local school and find out about their tolerance policies and how you can support them, call your local MPP, mentor, volunteer, get involved!  Be a Big Brother/Sister so that youth who may be at risk have an adult support system around them.  I volunteer with the one-on-one mentoring program and I constantly talk to my mentee about kids in her class, any trouble she may have with them and if she does we have a conversation about it!  My nieces and nephew all know about bullying and when they bully each other – and I see it – they know to run…it is NOT and never will be tolerated in my home.  That rule will be enforced! 

Please see the following link to read more about bullying and what we can do to stop it 





XOXO Nikilee