Third wheel

Being a single lady in a world of couples can sometimes be a strange and unsteady road, but when navigated carefully I find you can do it with class and better your relationships in the long run   ~ Nikilee30

Okay so the other night I had this strange dream.  Granted I have been sick for almost two weeks so I am taking all sorts of medicine and stuff.  In this dream I was always with two people.  These two people were a pair.  Like Crazy Cat lady and her boyfriend.  Kim and her husband.  My two nieces.  My friend N and her son.  All these different scenes took place and I was always the third wheel. 

Now I don’t know what this means – that I will never have a boyfriend or husband or child – (or sister, duh!) but in every situation I was completely comfortable and fit in where I needed to.  I was a mediator, a counsellor, a babysitter and a friend.  I don’t usually feel like a third wheel when I hang out with two people who clearly have the stronger relationship.  I love my friends – married and unmarried and I love my friends children. 

Spending time as a third wheel doesn’t make me feel pathetic or lonely or wanting for more.  Would I love a boyfriend or husband I could argue with but kiss at the end of the night like Crazy Cat Lady and Kim – sure!  But I don’t and I can’t sacrifice my sanity to go online and get one.  The time will come when it’s right – and right now, it’s not.  Do I want a child I can pass on my love and admiration to – OF COURSE!  This more than anything, but right now is not the time and when I know the time is right – I will do what I have to do to have one. 

I am blessed (as I have said on here numerous times) with amazing friends and family and I am fortunate enough that my friends like hanging out with me too and I am constantly a third wheel at many events and gatherings, but I don’t care because I have fun with everyone involved.  Life is SO short, why spend it worrying about being alone, when I am constantly surrounded by loving friends who want to spend time with me!

This past week I have been off work – hence no blogging.  I have been sick as a dog and miserable.  I had GBF over a couple of times to keep me company as he is one of my few friends who doesn’t worry about catching germs (this man never gets sick) and as I started to feel better I was able to visit my friend E for her birthday and dog sit Cairo the Doberman with H. 

See I’m a good dog sitter, he’s sleeping!

I had lots of friends who texted me and kept me company in spirit.  LOL…unfortunately, my father is now sick – and that is NOT good.  He can’t get sick!  He already takes like 30 pills a day.  Sigh, how do you make the worlds most stubborn man healthy??  You leave him alone and let him deal with it.  There really isn’t any other option!

XOXO Nikilee