Majestic Colonial Part 1

Today is my last day of work for over a week!  Let me tell you, the last week at work has been hell.  I feel like I’ve been fighting with everyone and I am not enjoying waking up to come to work like I normally do.  This is a problem.  However I am thinking, I hate winter, I have bum problems, I’m broke, there is an impending lockout/strike looming over our heads and I am feeling very claustrophobic in my room.  All of these things are making me a bit antsy and moody so I am hoping when I get a whole lotta vitamin D next week it will rejuvenate me for the rest of winter and get me through what I need to do for the next couple of months.

Now, on to the great news!  This time tomorrow (8:00am) I will be in an airport limo headed to Pearson airport!  WOOHOO!  I cannot wait.  I get to help one of my favourite friends celebrate her marriage to her wonderful husband AND I get some quality sister time which a girl needs every now and then.  I have completed packing and I know my aunt wants me to weigh this suitcase, but I just can’t.  It’s embarrassing how much I pack.  I just have issues with downsizing.  Especially cause of the wedding, I need make up and spanx to hold in the rolls, different shoes, a strapless bra and my dress!  So really it’s harder to pack!!!  I am not really buying a lot of souvenirs because if my sister wants to buy stuff for kids then I don’t need to.  I just get to buy stuff for ME which is my favourite person to shop for anyway cause I am so easy to please. 

I cannot wait to be at the Majestic, I will blog photo’s when I get back.  Until then, I hope you all have a safe wonderful week and please *follow* my blog so you can tell when I get back! 

XOXO Nikilee