Spring is in the air!

Every spring I tell myself I am going to garden!  I am going to carve out a section of my weeds grass and plant some pretty flowers to admire!  And every spring I get lazy or cheap or bored or sane and it never gets done. 

However – this spring, spring 2013 I, Nikilee30 will be gardening.  I even went to Crappy Canadian Tire and bought my supplies – minus the flowers cause I am not planting them yet – I need to prepare my garden.  I brought Crazy Cat Lady cause if anyone understands me, it’s her and she can handle my craziness for abnormally long amounts of time. Also she wouldn’t balk at the amount of money I was planning on spending cause we are both shoppers!

We walked through the entire “seasonal section” while I tossed things into my cart (she wouldn’t let me buy the axe even though I was pretty sure I would need one for something – besides having an axe is pretty cool!).  I bought my “supplies” in purple of course because if you are going to garden, you might as well do it fashionably – except my new gardening gloves are pink…a light pink which I am okay with because they feel really cool! 

I needed dirt of some kind I assumed since I would be tearing up weeds sod.  I decided to do this intelligently and ask someone since there are about 8 million kinds of dirt!  The very kind lady, who I’m pretty sure assumed I was some sort of princess since I had no clue what I was doing and seemed absolutely fascinated with everything, told me to buy top soil and triple mix.  I figured (foolishly) that two bags would be enough so we checked out, paid for everything and left. 

Now it’s been a couple of weeks and I have not started – but my lawn boy has dug up part of the front for me.  I cannot wait to take pictures and show you all – I will be doing this!  Monday I am taking the day (weather permitting) to complete what needs to be done!  I am excited!  I am completing a ten-year long journey to make the front of my house look good!  It could be a disaster, but I am hoping for a dream come true!

Fingers crossed bloggers!

XOXO Nikilee