Why do people blog

I have been thinking over the last 24 hours, why do people blog?

For me, it started as a way to get my thoughts and feelings across at a very transitional time in my life.  I had lost the man I thought I would marry, I moved home with my father and I was turning 30.  All these things lead me to blogging.

I didn’t know who would actually read my blog?  Friends – some.  Family – probably not for the most part.  Strangers  – possibly.  I don’t know who I started my blog for.  Me mostly.  My beautiful aunt reads my blog and posts regularly, I have a couple of friends that read  it through my Facebook page, but I would guess that most people who read it are strangers.  I would care to guess also that some people who read my blog are people who don’t like me or respect me yet they read my blog – for the wrong reasons, so they can find out what I am up to, whats going on in my life, who I am dating and why I am dating them etc etc.  I thought about it and really – I am okay with this.

I am okay with blogging for people who don’t like me, maybe they will continue to hate me, maybe – just maybe, they will realize that I am not a bad person, that I am not a bitch. I have done and said bad things I am sure – but who doesn’t?  No one I know is a saint and most people deserve forgiveness and understanding, not hatred and ill-will. 

For those of you who actually take time to read my blog, thank you, I appreciate you taking YOUR time – which I recognize as precious – to read something I happen to write.

I am starting a new segment for 2012 – a question every time I blog.  I would love to get to know those who read my blog.  So please respond!!

My question for today: Do you blog (if so please add your blog link here too), why do you blog and if you don’t what makes you choose a blog to follow!

My wish for you all – health and peace in 2012

XOXO Nikilee