The end of an Era – Twilight style

In 2008 my co-worker Deborah asked me if I had this Twilight book everyone was talking about because her daughter who was a young teenager at the time was bugging her to read it.  I told her I hadn’t but I’d be happy to skim through it at the time to see if it was appropriate (it was and both Deborah and her daughter have read all the books now).

That was 2008 – four years later and I still have a FULL BLOWN OBSESSION appreciation for the books and movies.  I read all four books within an embarrassingly short time frame and have watched every movie the night they were released, standing in line with all the teeny boppers and their parents, reading magazines dedicated to the characters and actors in the movies.  I have read each book at least 6 times and know that I will probably read each one another 6 times in my life!

What do I love most about them?  I mean they are not literary works of art – Stephanie Meyer the author will not be given a Nobel Peace Prize for her work.  I love the story line.  Un-realistic, passionate, loyal, dedicated – something that teenagers – or anyone for that matter really is.  The three main characters Bella, Edward and Jacob have a relationship that cannot be touched, that cannot be destroyed – no matter how hard others (and each other) try so desperately to do. 

The final movie came out last night and unlike every other year I am waiting till tonight to see it because I am getting too old to stay up till 2 in the morning and then go to work for 8.  I would be really cranky and my client’s deserve better.  So tonight is the night.  My sister-in-law T and I have gone to every one together and tonight we are ending our saga together.  I am feeling a bit nostalgic because I have spent the past four years engrossed in the books, movies and magazines and while I am sad – at the same time it’s nice to see it all wrap up – to end, the way it should. 

Thank you Stephanie for creating a book that allowed a girl like me to enter into fantasy when needed, thank you to the actors who portrayed Stephanie’s characters so well and thank you to Summit Entertainment who got the movies in theaters to begin with.

I am so looking forward to tonight!

XOXO Nikilee


Happy Birthday to the best dad I’ve ever met

Okay so he’s not perfect and if you had asked me 15 years ago, when I was a teenager I would have cursed his name many times over.  However my father, Edward Kenneth Milway is and always has been the best father I could have ever asked for.  He raised me when I needed a parent the most.  He was strict and mean and I hated his rules< but he loved me and he did the very best a single father can do.  I am the strong woman I am today because of him.  I will defend him and protect him everyday he walks this earth.  We’ve had a few close calls over the years, but God willing He has not taken my father from me.  I need my father still.  As much as I love and protect him, he does the same for me.  I am truly blessed to have him.

It’s the weekend again and it kills me to know it’s been a week since I’ve been back from the DR.  And of course, like all good Canadian winters, it snowed.  Mutha…okay no cussing.  I hate snow.  I mean, it can be great in the right setting, but compared to the warmth I had in the DR, it’s pretty much making me miserable.

I had weight watchers this morning,  my first time back since after my birthday.  I lost 4.5 pds!!!  Can you believe it??  I mean yes, I danced and walked my butt off in the DR, but I also drank my weight in vodka.  Looks like I got a great cardio workout 😉  Thank you!!!  Now another couple of pounds (2.5) and I can start rewarding myself.  A CD or two since my car stereo has been super depressing lately.  A new phone…blackberry or iphone (since I got back from the DR my phone has been on the fritz) hahaha…BLACKBERRY…hello I don’t like touch screens.  Either way, if I can lose the 2.5 I’ll be at a number I can count down by 5’s from.  Ya think I’m going name my weight…NAH!  Please wish me luck!!

After weight watchers, I was lucky enough to buy some yummy wine and have a fabulous lunch, one I won’t soon forget.  It’s been a long afternoon, one where I had a million things to think about and yet at the same time had nothing at all to think about.  Unfortunately I was unable to take my dad to dinner because my sister-in-law is ill so we had Swiss Chalet instead.  After a long draining day I am here…thinking of those of you who read my blog, wondering what you are doing?  Hoping you are all safe and happy.

I am watching Twilight Breaking Dawn on demand right now – maybe not the best thing since all I can think about is Robert Pattinson, but it’s also just what I need.  Right now it’s near the end where Bella has the baby and theirs blood and stuff…ewww.  LOL…I made it through all the lovey dovey stuff where Edward pours his heart out to the waiting Bella.  Yuck, she looks so skeletal…gross.

Okay anyway back to my weekend…tonight I will try to sleep and tomorrow I will go over to the bff’s house.  Lye on her couch and watch Dexter.  Wait to start a new work week all over again.

Happy Valentines weekend my friends

XOXO Nikilee