Detroit Rock City

Back in 12th grade, a production company came to my high-school painted, changed signs and dressed a bunch of us up like kids from the 70’s and filmed a movie called Detroit Rock City.  Now this movie stars a very obnoxious Eddie Furlong (who I originally had a crush on, but as the filming went on I learned he is actually a pretty big douche bag) and it wasn’t very good or very popular, but it is something CCI can be proud of being a part of!   
I had only been to Detroit once at this point, when I was in 7th grade and I slept through it because I was so sick.  A few years later (like 10 years) GBF had to pick up baseball jerseys so we drove across the Detroit border but I don’t remember even getting out of the car.  I had never really been to Detroit – like to see it and live it and love it.  
However this past weekend, GBF and I (again) drove across the border and spent the weekend walking around, watching the Tigers lose to Minnesota and shopping – so much shopping.   
The Detroit border is WAY better than the Buffalo border – but much farther away too!  The drive though is scenic.  It’s beautiful and as the sun set Friday night we chatted and joked around, watching the scenery pass us by.  
Riding shot gun!
Riding shot-gun!
Setting sun was bright and beautiful!
Setting sun was bright and beautiful!
After crossing the border and finding our EXTREMELY large hotel we checked in and went downstairs to the lobby bar to have a drink and watch the Miami Heat game (such a disappointing loss…).   
My orange Creamsicle drink at the bar watching the Miami play!
My orange Creamsicle drink at the bar watching the Miami play!
On Saturday we drove into another part of Michigan to Somerset Mall – which isn’t really a mall so much as a building with a lot of stores that only rich people can afford.  It had Gucci, Louis Vutton, Coach, Tiffanies etc.  It was a lot to take in and as much as I really wanted to buy a pair of Jimmy Choo’s from Saks Fifth Ave. I knew I couldn’t justify it.  I walked away empty-handed and a little sad.   
In the afternoon we took the People Mover (Detroit’s version of the Scarborough RT for you Toronto readers) to Comerica Park and watched the Tigers get beat by the last place Minnesota Twins.  Not much happened during this game that made it exciting, but it helped check off part of my bucket list:
 photo 3 
I will visit every major league baseball diamond
American Pride - in drink form!
American Pride – in drink form!


By the time we got back to the hotel I was exhausted and took a cat nap while GBF watched Women’s fast pitch on TV.  
This is where the story went downhill for a minute.  After deciding to go to the casino – we took a cab to Greek town Hotel and Casino because not only was there the casino – but Shots Sports bar which sounded good to both of us!  We got to the casino and asked an employee where Shots was.  He told us upstairs to the left.  We went upstairs.  Asked another employee to point it out and she said downstairs to the right.   
We went back downstairs another girl told us to take the elevator to the third floor and turn left.   
We went to the third floor and I saw someone who looked like a manager and she told me we would have been lost if trying to find it on our own (duh) so she walked us to another set of elevators and told us to take it to the first floor and it was exactly to the left of the elevator. 
At this point my feet hurt and I was starving. 
But, we found Shots finally!  YAY??  
We walked in and saw it was as big as my bedroom – and crowded and we were again unimpressed.  We took a random seat at a table built for 4, but we didn’t care and finally a waitress came by and took our order – they had beer and hard liquor – that’s it.  So GBF had a beer and I had a vodka OJ.  My vodka OJ was cheap vodka and it was harsh.  On an empty stomach this was not looking ideal so we paid the bill and left.  
Our night picked up when walked over to an amazing bbq restaurant for dinner and to finish watching the San Antonio basketball game.  Our waitress was asking about OUR accents (really??) and she was so funny.  She spent almost our entire time there with us and we loved her immediately.  The food was also delicious as was my Bellini!  YUMM!
 photo 6
Sunday we did more shopping, I bought a tonne of shoes, GBF bought a tonne of dress shirts and by the time we left Michigan we were ready to be home.  
The thing that surprised us the most – we drove up to border patrol and they asked how we were, we said good and gave them our passports – he looked at them, handed them back and said have a nice day!
No questions?  No third degree?  No being pulled over and having the car torn apart?  We were so confused. 
We looked at each other bug-eyed and left.  That was the craziest border crossing ever!  
If we had known that we each would have bought way more liquor from Duty Free – GBF was over his allowed limit either way and was fully expecting to pay. 
The drive back to TO went smoothly from there and I was so happy to see my bed!  I crawled in and thanked God because truly there is no place like home!
Have a great day!

Have a great day!

XOXO Nikilee

Fever and Quebecers

What do you when you are in Cayo Coco Cuba with a fever of 102?  Nothing, you do nothing, but sit and pray you sweat it out in time to enjoy part of your seven-day vacation. 

K, J-Mo, little C, S and I left for Cuba last Saturday the 12th and when I woke up that morning, I felt a frog on my chest.  I knew I was in trouble.  I blasted myself with Dayquil and cough syrup and since I had energy I set out on my way.  I felt fine the whole rest of the day, the whole flight and through customs and check in and everything! 

The resort was great, check in was perfect and our rooms were fine.  We all went to the buffet to eat and almost as soon as I ate my last mouthful of pasta I felt it – the heat to my head, the frog was back and I felt exhausted!  Little C was also acting up and warm and had a temperature.  All I could think was “here we go again” Little C and I got sick last vacation (strep throat) and I was sure we were headed down the same road. 

We all had an early night and I popped myself full of Advil cold and sinus praying for a better day.  Waking up I felt okay.  However as the day progressed and especially after dinner, I was feeling the exact same way!  Finally brave enough to take my temperature it jumped to 102.  I wanted to cry.  I wanted to scream and shout, but all I did was throw on as many clothes as I could and snuggle under the covers to hopefully rip it out of me!  

I played this fever game for three and a half days.  I enjoyed every DAY of my vacation and was thoroughly MISERABLE every night of my vacation.  Thankfully this was not a party vacation, I got to sleep, and relax and enjoy time with people whom I truly consider family.  Now that I am home, I no longer have a fever, but I do feel like I have Cholera – let me tell you, THAT is not a good feeling either!  I see the doctor tomorrow and I am sure she will tell me I am not dying, that I just have a stomach bug, but the fear of Cholera has me terrified to eat or drink anything (maybe the McDonald’s breakfast the morning of our return was not a good thing). 


I want to talk to you a little bit about people from the province of Quebec.  I have met MANY nice people from Quebec.  HOWEVER….the visitors to the Tryp CC the week I was there I met MANY Quebec people (especially men) whom made me utterly ashamed to be Canadian, or rather that they are Canadian.  A group of young men from Quebec beat up a security guard and were allowed to stay on the resort and got in NO trouble at all.  Rumour has it they also kicked around a cat that was roaming the grounds, but at that point I had witnessed so much disgusting behavior I could NOT listen to anymore. They were loud, drunk, obnoxious and foolish the entire trip. 

I truly am disgusted at the way Quebecers portrayed Canadians and I hope to GOD that the people on the resort knew it was not Canadians, but Quebecers that were causing so many issues.  Shame on you!


XOXO Nikilee

My trip advisor review of Tryp Cayo Coco

In case some of you are planning to travel to Cayo Coco I figured I would post my trip advisor review for you to read.

I will post my actual trip story in the upcoming days.


Travelled from January 12-January 19 2013.

Travelled with 3 other adults and one baby (aged 2.5)

Travelled with Air Canada Vacations 


I went with a friend’s family to the Tryp Cayo Coco on the above dates and I am going to tell you the pros and cons of the resort, not the weather (which was fine, if not cool at night) and not the other people there (Quebec residents – shame on you for your behavior) because the resort is not at fault for those things.  

Chase and I having fun with the camera

Chase and I having fun with the camera

Check in was swift and we had booked two rooms with one room requiring a crib for the baby.  We had emailed a few weeks prior requesting block 10 and this is EXACTLY what we got.  We were able to change our Canadian money right beside the check in desk at almost hours of the day.  We were not asked if we wanted assistance getting our room – and I think this would have gone a long way since it was pitch dark outside and we had 5 suitcases, 5 carry-on bags and a baby in a stroller.  However we managed to get to block 10 and find our ground floor room with minor struggles. 



The roads leading to all the buildings are in rough shape and require paving.  Our little boy fell once from a big divot and scratched up his knee pretty badly and pushing the stroller was tough. 

Beautiful view

Beautiful view

Our room was dated – a bit muggy, but overall it was comfortable and had what we needed for sleeping – which really is the only time we needed the room.  I suggest if you have a stroller, young children, or bad knees you request ground floor because there are a lot of stairs if you have a second or third floor room. 



The fridge is not stocked with anything, but you do get one large bottle of water a day which we drank and used to brush our teeth daily with. 

There are three pools.  The main pool which had the warmest water, but was way too loud and crowded for our tastes (but all the young party people seemed to frequent there), the baby pool which is next the main pool and where we camped out most days and the quiet pool right outside our block and was great but very deep and cold so we rarely swam in it. 

Like every full capacity resort getting a lounge chair by the pool can be difficult and leaving your towel on the chair early in the morning seemed to be the only way to guarantee a spot.  Some people complained of towels being stolen (which is 20 CUC if you don’t return your towel) so I recommend bringing towels from home. 

The beach was nice, not as nice as in Holguin, but still soft and good for the baby to play in.  The ocean was also warmer than the pool so that was nice.  It was extremely windy most days by the ocean, so we didn’t spend a tonne of time there. 

The buffet – was edible.  I suggest getting the hot meal (eggs and French toast at breakfast, spaghetti, stir fry and meat and fish at lunch and dinner) or else your meal will be luke warm only.  

We tried two a la cartes (Italian and Cuban) both excellent and tasty.  

This resort is laid out very nicely.  It’s convenient to get to almost everything which is great since we had a little one with us.  We also fed the flamingos bread a few days out of the week (the flamingos are located near building 5) 

I was sick 80% of the time (I came to Cuba sick) so I didn’t drink any of the alcohol, but there was a lot of drunken people so I am going to assume it was good! 

Overall, since we paid $709 CAD for the week I would go again in a heartbeat.  It was completely worth the price.

Any questions or concerns – just message me through this blog!



How much money would it take for me to retire??

On Virgin radio this morning, Mad Dog and Maura were talking about how much money it would take for them to retire.  They were talking 2-5 million to get them to quit their jobs and live off the interest earned on that amount of money.  I have never felt bad for thinking certain things, but as soon as they asked how much it would take for me to retire, I immediately said out loud – minimum 10 mil!  When M and M said 2-5 I felt like maybe I was selfish, or foolish or both??  But then I got to thinking why I required 10 million and here is what I came up with:

1. I would buy my mother a nice little one bedroom condo – cash – so she wouldn’t have to worry about ever paying rent or a mortgage again and then I would give her $100,000 to live off of. (approx $500,000 total)

2. I would take me and all my girlfriends on a one week all inc. vacation to the Bahama’s. (approx 20,000)

3. I would donate 1 million to a charity supporting under privileged youth (1 million)

4. I would give my sister-in-law and her family $1 million. (1 million)

5. I would get my dad a cook/maid, to make all of his meals the way he wants to ensure he is eating 3 proper meals a day (approx 60,000/yr)

6. I would set up bank accounts for my three nieces and nephew with 100,000 each so when they are 25 they can buy a home of their own or blow it all on video games and bubble gum (300,000 total)

7. I would invest 2 million to live off the interest (2 million)

8. I would build my dream home and have my father move in with me – hence the cook would actually be cooking for me too – hahahaha (approx 1 million)

9. I would buy GBF a new car – brand new – cause wow that boy has car trouble (approx 60,000)

10. I would buy Sushi bf  and D a dream vacation as well cause they have been SOOOOOO good to me the past few months! (approx 30,000)

I don’t know what else I would do – lots of things I am sure, give to more charities, adopt some babies, travel extensively etc etc.  But so far that totals $5, 970,000.  Thats a lot of money and I haven’t even thought of the clothes and shoes I would buy – cause lets face it I would, also the personal trainer I would hire to get my ass in shape and the wedding I would plan with someone who gets really lucky to have me as their loyal wife!!!

So what money amount would it take for you to retire?

XOXO Nikilee

50 Years and going stronger than ever

My Aunt S and Uncle E celebrate 50 years of marriage this week.  Now not even being near 50 years of age, I can’t imagine 50 years of marriage, but knowing these two people my whole life has made it seem like a pretty impressive concept.

Not that they haven’t had their challenges, their ups and downs.  I am sure they have.  However they have that something special that has made them survive where many of their friends and families have failed.  What is it exactly?  I am not sure.  I don’t even know if they know what it is.  However knowing them the way I do, I have some ideas:

1. They love each other:

  Now of course, this seems simple enough.  I mean, duh, who doesn’t?  And you’re right, love is an easy answer, but loving someone married to you and actually liking them are two VERY different things.  I genuinely think they like each other.  They are friends as well as lovers.  I think even if they weren’t married, they would be friends because they are both good people and have similar interests.   They are both conscientious people who have worked very hard for everything they have had in their lives.  They are both strong-willed people but they share similar interests and when their interests don’t connect they have the freedom to do their own thing. 

2. They travel together – often:

This may seem strange, I mean travelling and having a happy marriage don’t go together easily, but they both enjoy it and they have time to get away – from work, friends, family, daily responsibilities and daily troubles…so I feel like it keeps them strong.  Plus travelling gives you new experiences – new experiences that they have TOGETHER, that they share and can relive at any moment. 

3. They love each others family

Now I have never thought of Uncle E as my aunts husband.  He has always been MY family.  But in reality – my blood relative is my aunt.  Her and my father are the same age (though if you ask my dad he insists he is SO much younger by those two months).  My uncle however is also extremely close with my father and checks in on him regularly.  Likewise, my Uncle has a sister who is bff’s with my aunt.  The three of them travel together all the time and it is not two separate families travelling – it’s one.  That’s what makes it special.  Blood is not always thicker than water. 

4. They parent together:

Now this is one that always made me sad for them – though I don’t think they see it this way.  They have only had one child.  My aunt is such a loving person that I could easily see her with a bucket full of children.  However for whatever reasons (that aren’t mine or anyones business) one son was what they were blessed with.  They co-parent.  Knowing my cousin and how he was brought up – it is plain to see that he was brought up by two parents who worked together to get him through to adulthood, though I am sure it wasn’t always easy.  Now yes I am sure my Uncle was the heavy, but often that is how it is – just like my dad is the heavy, but my parents didn’t co-parent very well.  Now I always thought “if they had a little girl, my Uncle and Aunt would be broke”, because my aunt, much like her 31-year-old niece (me) is a shopper.  I am SURE their daughter would have a million of everything – hence why I secretly wished for her to be my mom when I was a teenager and my dad would guard his wallet like the plague. 

5. They have their own lives:

My Uncle golf’s most days of the week in the summer and my aunt does aqua fit and tai chi and a lot of other activities available where they live.  She tried golfing, but it wasn’t her “niche”.  They have NO problem spending time apart doing their own activities because they have their own interests and are not dependent on each other for happiness.  HOWEVER, they do make each other happy.

50 years is a long time…a very long time.  I don’t know whether it seems like “just yesterday” or if it seems like “50 years”, but they have touched hundreds of different people with their love over their life span and I am SO grateful to be apart of it. 

Congratulations you two!  I wish you all the love and happiness for another 50 years!  I pray I can find a love that comes even close to what you two have shared.  Have fun in Hawaii and drink some yummy coconut water for me! 

XOXO Nikilee

P.S Uncle E, make sure your sunglasses are extra dark when checking out the hula girls!!  LOL


Day 1 and 2 of vacation – Saturday & Sunday

So day 1 wasn’t to exciting. I dropped newbie to work as per my usual Saturday morning routine and then came back home and passed out cold. It is really hard going to bed at 1:00 in the morning and waking up a few hours later to take Newbie to work.  He needs to get his G2 so I can give him my car and not worry about moving till I’m good and ready.

I did have lunch with NYU girl at Shoeless Joes and that was fantastic!  I love how my single friends are so confidant and can date random guys and be strong and in control.  Lord that is SOOOO not me.  After catching up, Sushi bf messaged me to advise at some point last week there was a flood from the storm sewer with some damage – mostly to my brand new floor in the closet and it will need to be changed and replaced.  Setting back construction a day to two because now he needs to fix the storm sewer as well.  Tears sprang to my eyes – I just want this done!  I want my home to be finished.  But it wasn’t his fault our house is old, the pipes are old and the storm sewers are old. 😦

I picked Newbie up from work a little after 7, ate dinner and pretty much just relaxed until bed time.  Nothing exciting.  Newbie was tired and seemed more interested in his music then doing anything else exciting so I crashed pretty early.

Day 2 – Sunday, today.  Again drove Newbie to work – poor kid works weekends…that SUCKS.  I bought my daddy and me breakfast and then watched my church service online.  Global Kingdom Ministries plays their 11:00 services live so those who want to can watch it from the comfort of their homes.  Now I prefer to be at service, but I have so much to get done TODAY that I needed time.  I have two loads of laundry to do – a room in desperate need of cleaning, a car that needs emptying and I have to pack for my Bobcaygeon adventure tomorrow.

Phew!  Where did the vacation part of vacation go???  sigh…at least I’m away from work right…

XOXO Nikilee

TGIF – before my vacation begins!!!

I have had a long week, I have been miserable and grouchy and wanting to just have some time away from work.  Not that I don’t love my job, because my job is great!  My career is the one steady thing I have in my life – that I am sure of and confidant in…but every once in a while a girl needs some time to not be in the same environment day after day.

Since my surgery in May I have been stressed and tired and unhappy.  However, as Kansas City said to me “a miracle will happen in your life this week*, it has.  My wound has healed over – for the first time in THREE years!  Now it is fresh and new skin so I am still very weary of it opening again.  BUT I will be grateful for the idea that maybe this time something different has happened.  I thank you God for that!  And I thank Kansas for letting me know a miracle was coming. 

Now since Newbie is stuck working like a million days in a row, I doubt I will see him at all over my vacation time so I am heading up North to Bobcaygeon for a couple of days.  I will go Monday night after home care and come home Wednesday night before home care!  This way I get to spend almost two full days with my mom and aunt.  It will be great! 

My uncle is going to take us three ladies on the boat to a nearby town for lunch and I love LOVE boat rides!  I will miss my bed because I will sleep on a couch (I can’t sleep up stairs alone. Her house used to be the place 100 years ago where they kept dead bodies and it C.R.E.E.P.S me out!)  So I’ll sleep in the main room on her couch.  I did that when Biker dude passed away and it was fine.

I will go into town, take my mom to lunch on the Wednesday and of course shop at Bigleys Shoes – I mean really – did you expect something less from me?? 

I am also getting my car detailed.  I mean it’s dirty – not just untidy, but downright dirty!  Between me, Newbie and Ms. J that car needs some TLC and I have no problem paying someone to give it some. 

Other than those lovely activities I plan on attending Ribfest in Scarborough next weekend and relaxing.  Preparing to move into my basement which should be done the first or second week of August!  I AM SO EXCITED!

Because I am on vacation, I may or may not get a chance to blog.  I will try.  I mean, I love the writing and I love seeing high stats…lol…BUT if I don’t, please have a safe and happy week and enjoy your long weekends for those of you who have one (my reader ship has made it’s way around the world) – and that is pretty damn cool!!!!

XOXO Nikilee