I had a “GOOD” childhood

According to Google, good means “To be desired or approved of”.  My childhood was ideal.  I had two parents whom I knew loved me, a brother, a dog, a three-bedroom house on a nice street and was involved in many extra-curricular activities. 

However, most of my friends had the same…what they had, that I did not was the presence of family vacations.  Whether that was Florida in the winter or England in the summer, my friends travelled with their families. 

My dad is not a travelling man.  He was a working man and a golfing man.  He did not want to go on vacations with his wife and children to see the sights or become cultured, it is not who he is.  My mom probably would have gone anywhere had her husband said “let’s go”. 

I never really felt deprived at the time because I didn’t know any different.  Once when I was four or five, my brother had a soccer tournament in Niagara Falls, ON.  A short two-hour drive from Toronto, but my dad brought my mom and me with them.  I don’t remember that trip at all.  I was too young.  I have lots of pictures from it, where we are all smiling and happy, but nothing like that ever occurred again.  

When I turned 24 and had some money in my pocket, GBF took me to New York City and two years later Dominican Republic.  I have since been to Cuba twice, Bahamas and back to the DR again.  I have also been to Chicago, Montreal, Cleveland and Niagara Falls about a 287 times, give or take a few.  I have the travel bug.  I love it.  I will travel anywhere, anytime I can.  

My brother however has not caught the bug.  He went to Florida with his best friend when he was a teenager and then went to St. Lucia on his honeymoon almost 25 years later.  I always thought it was sad.  He seemed more interested in golfing and working, just like my dad.  Spending time away with the kids and his wife is not a priority.  This isn’t a bad thing.  He works hard and his family loves him – just like we loved my dad regardless of our lack of travelling together. 

But a few weeks ago, I got the surprise of a lifetime.  T told me her and my brother were planning a Disney vacation with the kids!  DISNEY!!!!  Not only that, but they were driving down so my oldest niece would go too (she is TERRIFIED of flying).  Now, this was enough to catch my breath and bring a sweet tear to my eye, but then I found out they were going after March Break so it was less expensive and less busy!  REALLY?  My brother was allowing his children to miss a week of school – on purpose!!!  I know most of you don’t know my brother, but this put him in the hero category in my eyes! 

Funny Family Ecard: This family needs to start spending entirely too much time together.

The cherry on top of all of this, is that my mom is going with them.  She is retired and hasn’t really gotten to spend quality time with her grandchildren since she was living up in Bobcaygeon until a few months ago so this will be a great adventure for her and a great chance to really get to know her daughter-in-law and grandchildren!  

Of course me being the lovely smart-ass child I am, teased her mercilessly about how her son is a back seat driver and the kids are crazy, but I am genuinely so happy for all of them.  They get to do what my brother and I never did – spend quality time together as a family doing something special. 

I received a text from both my mom and brother and the drive down was good and they made great time, everyone was happy.   

Next month, I will get the same with my mom and Aunt G.  We are going to Vegas!  VEGAS BABY 

XOXO Nikilee