Day 3…humpday!

I can’t believe I am halfway through this crazy week and although I am hungry, I am not starving, I do not want to punch people who are eating cookies (lady beside me in my meeting today – cruel and unusual punishment should be  set upon you for eating TWO cookies that smelled like heaven would smell). 

I am learning, as I go along – I don’t need three teas throughout the day – not with three sugar each at least.  I can have one tea – first thing in the morning…my comfort drink, the one that gives me a reason to want to roll out of bed at 6 or 7 am. 

I don’t need bread at every meal.  Well…..okay no I definitely don’t NEED bread at every meal, having it at lunch OR dinner is okay.  If I want to have a sandwich at lunch, then I can have a protein packed dinner with veggies, which really isn’t going to kill me.

Having one sugary snack a day is okay.  Having one healthy a snack a day is okay.  Balance.  I tend to live my life in extremes…right now I am extremely not eating anything fun…lol…but usually I eat all fun stuff and none of the healthy stuff.  Why do I do this?  I have no idea.  It’s foolish and irresponsible not only for me, but those whose lives will be affected by me being unhealthy (and a tad bit crazy – though I tend not to love the phrase “crazy”).

So this has been a great experiment.  I have proven to myself (so far – I have 2.5 days left) that I can do this.

Can you?

XOXO Nikilee