Zumba week 6, but my week 4

Two weeks ago I started feeling sick.  I decided not to go to Zumba because I had no energy and figured a good nights sleep was more important since all those around me seemed to be ill for weeks at a time.

Last week I had the full-blown flu.  Again no Zumba 😦

That meant I hadn’t danced or moved really at all in three weeks!!  I mean seriously, I knew last night was going to suck!

I showed up with papers to sign so D our Zumba instructor could take our picture for her website!  HAHAHA  Really she wanted pictures of me and the other 20 women who are all EXTREMELY older than me pretending we have any idea what we are doing!?  Okay why not??  I signed the papers and pulled my hair extra tight in hopes I would at least look cute while making a fool of myself.

We learned two new dances last night – not a great night for new moves since pictures were being snapped, but hey, I had fun! 

I am slowly learning more and anticipating upcoming moves for dances I have done in the past.  I am enjoying it greatly and hope to continue into the winter!

My favourite dance is still LMFAO “I’m sexy and I know it”.  It makes me smile for two reasons.  A) it reminds me of my trip to the DR last winter and MiMo and B) it means Zumba is almost over for the week and I can start to relax.

Because I was so sick the past two weeks I have decided to get serious about Vitamins (let me side track for a minute here).  I have never been a vitamin girl.  I will take them for a day or two and then never see them for the next month or two until I start trying again.

Well I never want to feel that sick again, so I have started taking a multi-vitamin, B12, D and C.  I know I should take Iron and I will eventually add it in, but for now, these are my breakfast at work in the morning.  I leave them at work because I know I will remember them that way.  At home – I will forget! 

The multi-vitamin makes my pee yellow – like neon yellow!  I know this is too much information, but when this first happened I swear I thought I was dying.  Then a friend told me to relax, that it’s normal!  Thank God, I have NOT been captured by aliens and infected with some weird ailment!  PHEW!

Okay everyone, today is MY Friday as I am off on vacation day tomorrow.  Have a great weekend and relax!

XOXO Nikilee