Shopping, spiders and another late night

Work has been crazy – I mean so busy I need to cut myself in multiple pieces just to help one person, let alone the multiple people lined up waiting for assistance, busy!  After work I decided since I had to go to Wal-Mart anyway that I would walk around the mall for a bit and engage in some retail therapy – why do I do this to myself??

Scarborough Town Centre is not the greatest mall in the world, but I am comfortable in it since I am a regular visitor.  I started off at Stepss – yep the “buy one get three free” shoe store that I went to a month or so ago.  Well now it is buy one get two free – not as good, but I see shoes and free in the same sentence and my heart pitter patters and I go all in.  I needed retail therapy.  Walking around a tiny store trying on ten different pairs of shoes may sound like torture to some people (mostly men), but I was in my glory!  I got three pairs! 🙂

Then I decided since it wasn’t quite time to leave the mall yet that I would head over to Ricki’s – another mistake…my favourite clothing store because all of their clothes make me look good!  I bought a little black dress and a necklace.  Listen, a little black dress is a staple in all women’s wardrobes and I actually don’t have one.  It’s business appropriate so I can wear it to work AND out for a nice dinner or date.  I justified it and paid cash – story done!

My evening after that was pretty amazing.  Until I got home.  I forgot to tell my dad I wouldn’t be home for dinner and walking in at 8 pm did not allow me to be greeted with my usually happy go-lucky father.  He barely spoke to me.  Damn it.  I am going home tonight and making him his favourite meal.  I am an asshole 😦

Just before bedtime (10 pm) I was in the washroom brushing my teeth etc talking to GBF on the phone when I saw a huge spider on my bathroom door!  I begged him to leave work and come get me out of the bathroom, but alas, he said no.  I was panicking.  Why is no one around to save me!  I couldn’t ask my dad, he was annoyed at me.  GBF wouldn’t leave work so I had to figure a way to unlock the door and get out into the safety of my own room.  After about 6 minutes, I calmed down enough to throw the door open and run.  I know this seems really insane and like I am making it up – and I wish I was, but that is exactly what happened. 

My ugly freaky spider

After that I had two really intense phone conversations, one on the phone and one over text.  I was awake till one in the morning, which means this morning, I am not a cheery person, but the good citizens of North York will just have to deal with me.  I hope they can.  It’s been a long 24 hours. 

Have a great day people – it’s Thursday!
XOXO Nikilee