Had the best night

So work has been crazy busy with workshops, initiatives, coverages etc.  But last night after work, I got to see two of my favourite people!

When buddy left TESS for a different city division he needed someone to pick up his beautiful 3-year-old daughter Ms. J from daycare.  Of course I offered because I love spending time with her!  Last night was my first pick up.  I was worried that she would freak out because I am not her daddy and she IS daddy’s girl and we were breaking routine.  However there was NO need to be worried at all…as soon as I rounded the corner of her daycare she screamed my name and jumped in my arms!  NIIICOOOOOOOOLE!  I love it!  I gave her a million kisses and whisked her away.  When I got her home (after hearing all about her day and her time at the Riverdale Zoo on the weekend) her dad wasn’t home yet so I took her to Mr Wongs convenience Store for a popsicle.  We watched some Bob and Lolo music on YouTube and then daddy came home.  She was so happy and buddy was relieved he did not have to make the drive up north to pick up Ms. J.  Everyone was happy.

Then I had dinner at Makimono with Shaun!  I have not seen Shaun in 17 years.  Since our Grade 8 Graduation.  Now, other than a much more toned physique and a shorter hair cut – he looks exactly the same.  We talked for almost two hours straight about everything that has happened to us in the past 17 years.  He has some amazing words of wisdom for me and made me believe everything would work out to His plan (Gods, not Shauns).  It’s so funny hanging out with someone who has spent the past ten years living in the States (Kansas primarily) because things like working a debit card seemed so foreign to him.  It made me smile.  I hope it doesnt’ take another 17 years to hang out with him! 

The only person I didn’t see last night was the one person who I so desperately need to see, but our schedules have been off lately.  I will see him Friday for a little bit – I cannot wait!  And then we are going to Niagara Falls on Sunday for some alone time and to have some fun!!!  Hopefully he knows my heart is with him 😉

XOXO Nikilee