How to save a life…

I don’t think many people learn First Aid/CPR with the expectation that they will have to use it – ever. I know some professions this is an obvious (paramedics, doctors, nurses etc.) however, I learned it because I am the co-chair of our Joint Health and Safety Committee at my work so while I needed to have the certification, we have a security guard on site at all times who is the main person responsible for delivering any aid as required. I did take my learning quite seriously though and I fully participated in the two-day learning experience.

However, never in my wildest dreams did I ever see me using it and I never actually took time to think about what my reaction would be like if I had to.

Until last night.

Last night was our first Spring session of torture  Zumba. The class was fully booked and the room we practice in is tiny. About 20 minutes after class started two women walked in wearing jeans and long sleeve button up shirts – totally NOT Zumba appropriate. However they weren’t really moving around a lot so I didn’t think anything of it. As class ended, I went to talk with our instructor Diana (who is fantastic by the way) and heard my name being called from the other side of the room by my girlfriend A. I looked over and on the floor was one of those two women shaking having a seizure! I dropped my wallet and ran over to the woman. Turns out the other woman was this girls mother. She was having a full on seizure and for what seemed like an eternity (but really probably two seconds) I had no idea what to do. I panicked. I heard someone scream out to roll her on her side and as soon as I heard that I immediately remembered. I rolled her on her side and put a jacket under her head and bent her leg towards the floor and held onto loosely her while she shook.

Now I need to make two side notes that pissed me off:

1. When you learn First Aid you practice on a mannequin that weighs less than one pound. Turning a real, seizing person on their side is NOT easy.
2. This mother so nonchalantly was like “she’s fine, leave her alone, she’ll come out of it”. This was as her daughters head was bouncing off the hard floor like a basketball. She kept trying to make this poor girl sit up as she was shaking and I kept pushing her off and telling HER to leave her daughter alone. I understand that as her mother you have probably seen this 100 times, but I am First Aid certified and I KNOW that you never leave a seizing victim lying on their back with nothing under their head. She was driving me, and the rest of the class who remained behind, crazy.

Finally the girl stopped shaking and rolled back onto her back and started making eye contact again. It took a few minutes for her to come out of it but when she did my heart started beating again too. I haven’t been that scared in a long time. My instructor was impressed and in a way I was too. I mean, I didn’t do much and was limited because of the mother – but I know now, that if GOD FORBID that ever happens again I will take charge much quicker regardless of the situation because if anything had happened to that girl because I let her mother partially dictate what was happening, I would have felt horrible!

I want to make a plea to ALL my readers. Get First Aid/CPR certified – you NEVER know when you may need to know “how to save a life”

XOXO Nikilee

Zumba – focus!

I have been doing Zumba somewhat irregularly for a while now and I love it. I love my instructor Diana who is full of life, sassy and in amazing shape. Plus she really loves Zumba which is great! Her passion is magnetic. Class is always fun now that I have my sister-in-law, mom, aunt and two great friends joining me every week.

SO whats the problem now you ask?? I have not been focused. I have been angry and annoyed at work and I am letting it affect me. When I was in class the other day, I couldn’t focus long enough to move to songs I knew inside out. I had no energy and I found myself exhausted before I even began. No music or friend or move could get me out of my funk. It sucked.

I just wanted to go home and crash. Unfortunately PF took that moment to call me and I was in bed not having any of it. We did talk (actually talk on the phone) last night though and it was great!  I can’t wait to talk to him again!

I know I need to really focus while I’m in Zumba, I mean I’d like to get “good” at it – or at least be having more fun.

I asked Diana to bring me a DVD so I can practice at home – I’m not a fan of the Zumba DVD I bought which really just teaches you the moves and not the actually dancing to songs so I am going to take Diana’s and make an effort to practice twice a week – which with her class would give me three days a week!

I’d say considering I have no cartilage in my knees that I am doing pretty good. I’m really proud of my mom and my aunt for sticking with it too – because it is way advanced for seniors. LOVE THEM!

XOXO Nikilee

Zumba week – I have no freaking idea

Okay so there are 11 weeks of Zumba, I have missed three of them and I think (think) there are two or three left.  So it would be like week 9 maybe??  LOL…I love Zumba, really I do.

Last night something amazing happened at Zumba!  I remembered a few of the moves and didn’t need to look at the beautiful Diana to follow along!  That made it even better!!!  Diana has a Zumba website and when I looked on it the other day I saw a picture of me going hard!!  LOL…the best thing, no one was else was, everyone else looked very chill!  LOL…clearly I take my Zumba seriously!

I’m the girl at the far left!







I am really loving it.  I am starting to understand my bodies limitations better (no cartilage in the kneecaps really limits your Zumba moves) but moving along just the same as everyone else!

The music has me moving and of course I have my favourite dances (Jai Ho and I’m Sexy and I Know it) and I am not looking forward to class ending in a few weeks. 

I have decided with my sister-in-law that we are going to continue in the winter.  I had HOPED to start her Tuesday class in Ajax which is one hour earlier, but unfortunately my work is getting all stupid and extending their hours so I have to work late on Tuesdays starting in January so it looks like Wednesdays at 8:30 pm it is 😦

Have a great Thursday Blogging world

XOXO Nikilee

Zumba week 6, but my week 4

Two weeks ago I started feeling sick.  I decided not to go to Zumba because I had no energy and figured a good nights sleep was more important since all those around me seemed to be ill for weeks at a time.

Last week I had the full-blown flu.  Again no Zumba 😦

That meant I hadn’t danced or moved really at all in three weeks!!  I mean seriously, I knew last night was going to suck!

I showed up with papers to sign so D our Zumba instructor could take our picture for her website!  HAHAHA  Really she wanted pictures of me and the other 20 women who are all EXTREMELY older than me pretending we have any idea what we are doing!?  Okay why not??  I signed the papers and pulled my hair extra tight in hopes I would at least look cute while making a fool of myself.

We learned two new dances last night – not a great night for new moves since pictures were being snapped, but hey, I had fun! 

I am slowly learning more and anticipating upcoming moves for dances I have done in the past.  I am enjoying it greatly and hope to continue into the winter!

My favourite dance is still LMFAO “I’m sexy and I know it”.  It makes me smile for two reasons.  A) it reminds me of my trip to the DR last winter and MiMo and B) it means Zumba is almost over for the week and I can start to relax.

Because I was so sick the past two weeks I have decided to get serious about Vitamins (let me side track for a minute here).  I have never been a vitamin girl.  I will take them for a day or two and then never see them for the next month or two until I start trying again.

Well I never want to feel that sick again, so I have started taking a multi-vitamin, B12, D and C.  I know I should take Iron and I will eventually add it in, but for now, these are my breakfast at work in the morning.  I leave them at work because I know I will remember them that way.  At home – I will forget! 

The multi-vitamin makes my pee yellow – like neon yellow!  I know this is too much information, but when this first happened I swear I thought I was dying.  Then a friend told me to relax, that it’s normal!  Thank God, I have NOT been captured by aliens and infected with some weird ailment!  PHEW!

Okay everyone, today is MY Friday as I am off on vacation day tomorrow.  Have a great weekend and relax!

XOXO Nikilee

Zumba week 3

Seriously where did the last three weeks go?  Last night I had my third Zumba class and I walked into the school to a bad sign.  The gym door was closed.  There is a Tai Chi class an hour before ours – hot sweaty bodies stinking up the gym and the door is closed!!!!

When the caretaker came and opened it – the gym was hot – stifling hot!  Everyone immediately started opening the back doors for fresh air – of course there was no wind last nigh t-  and taking off t-shirts to reveal tank tops.  Our Zumba instructor threw her wild curly hair on top of her head and said for us to be ready cause we were gonna sweat. 

***side note, I have been sweating the last two weeks too when the gym wasn’t burning my skin

By the second song I could feel the sweat at my neck and I was itchy.  I don’t sweat often so I guess when I do my body freaks out and wants it gone as fast as possible.  By the fourth song I needed a drink – badly!  I gulped my water and even our instructor who always looks cool and collected was dripping sweat.

Let me tell you – by the end of class I felt like I had taken a shower – I have no doubt I burnt some serious calories last night.  I had a great time though and some moves I am even starting to pick up!!  YAY ME!  8 weeks left!

XOXO Nikilee

Week 2

Honestly, I never realized I was so uncoordinated!!  Last night was week 2 of Zumba and while I loved it – I mean seriously dancing for an hour is a fun workout and I feel the burn and the sweat which is great – I feel like an idiot half the time cause I can’t get my body to move the way I want it to.  I cannot isolate certain parts to move other parts…if you have never been to a Zumba class, please do, maybe you will then begin to understand my frustration! 

However, I got through it with a smile on my face and my heart racing a little faster than normal so that is the positive!  Last night we danced to LMFAO “Sexy and I know it”.  This made me smile from ear to ear!  I love this song and it brought back amazing memories of my trip to the Dominican last January dancing with MiMo and his brother and sister-in-law.

Last night before Zumba I went to one of my favourite girls house to visit her, her husband and their 8-year-old son Josh.  Ro is pregnant and this excites me beyond belief!  I am SO FREAKING EXCITED for them!  We sat around, chatted, ate (I miss Filipino food) and played with Josh.  I also saw Filipino boy (another infamous ex) who has started teaching Muy Tai (sp??).  He offered me and my sister-in-law a free class so I think in the next couple weeks I am going to go to a class!  Why not – part of my goals were never to say no to an invite, so hopefully in the next week or two I am going to literally kick something!  LOL…I have a lot of pent-up aggression, so Muy Tai seems like the perfect fit!

Today at work is a bake sale.  I was going to bake yummy brownies when I came home from Zumba, but since I was so tired and desperately required a shower, I opted for buying muffins and croissants from Tim Hortons instead.  I know it’s a BAKE sale, but someone baked these, so technically I think it still counts!  Grrrr…

Hope you all have a fab Thursday…

XOXO Nikilee


Last night my sister-in-law T and I had our very first Zumba class.  This is offered through TDSB Continuing Education program.  It is $78.00 for 11 classes.  It is held every Wednesday night at 8:30 pm.

I picked T up at 8:00 to give us enough time to get there and chill out for a little bit before it started – the high school it is held in is big – huge! We got lost immediately.  Walked around the building for a while and finally found our entrance.  When we walked into the gym, we expected to find all these PYT’s (Pretty young things) instead we found about 15 older women.  That made us EXTREMELY happy.  We would not be the worst dancers in class we could now assume. 

Our instructor walked in and she is  PYT to the max!  Hot Zumba body, full of energy!  I was excited – I mean one Zumba class and my butt would look like her’s right???  Ummmm…not so much.

She started the class right away playing up beat music, we formed three lines (T and I entered the second line so as not to stand out, but still be close enough to see the instructor).  The first song, I felt pretty good, no weird moves that were foreign or too difficult to master.  I was sweating hard though and we had only gone 5 minutes into class.  We both knew we were in trouble.

After 15 minutes I was DYING.  I had to get a drink.  The moves got more and more complex shaking my boobs, butt and coordinating my hands and feet is MUCH more difficult than I assumed.  I kept staring at the instructors booty and kept going, hoping for a cute bubble butt by the end of class.

The moves got so complicated (for me anyway) that I just kept moving, but nowhere near to the moves she was suggesting.  The music was great, my heart was pounding and I was pretty sure I was going to pass out in the gym, but all the other women were moving, so I did as well.  About halfway through class we got a 2 minute break to grab water.  Then we kept going.

At one point I was in the middle of a turn where I shake my hips and twist my feet with my hand in the air like I’m riding a cowboy – I mean horse – and I noticed an older woman behind me had on no shirt.  She had come in with a zippered hoodie and now – half way through my hour of excercise she was in a bra.  Hoodie unzipped.  WO!  I don’t know what she was thinking, why she was wearing just a bra, but she was and she was shaking **everything**…you go Grandma! FIST PUMP!

By the end of class I was exhausted, sweating and felt – great actually.  I also felt like I would never go to a club again because I cannot dance.  I have no rhythm, can’t follow a beat and don’t understand how I’ve been clubbing for over ten years now?? 

However, when T and I got in the car, we both realized if we kept at it, we could go to any Caribbean Island and shake what our momma’s gave us and attract some seriously positive attention!  Or embarrass ourselves and be voted off the island Survivor style – either way it’ll be a great time.

I like Zumba, I don’t love it yet, because I feel uncoordinated and inept, but I hope after 11 weeks, that may not be the case, so next Wednesday I’ll be there with T shaking my tail feather hoping for better results – and a cute little bubble butt.

Today I was sure I would wake up sore and unable to move – but now, since I feel okay, I am thinking that will be tomorrow’s fun.  However – I am off work tomorrow so I am free to moan and groan in my swimming pool bath tub.  YAY

XOXO Nikilee