I want it in Pink dammit!

So of course I am stuck blogging from work now that my laptop + stolen internet connection from home is no longer possible.¬† ūüė¶ However I miss blogging since I actually have work to do at work and can only blog on breaks or lunch and really who wants to be stuck in front of a computer on a smoke break or on the measly one hour they have for lunch??

Not me.  So I am going to get a pretty laptop that makes me happy, that I can blog from, surf from and of course Facebook from the comforts of my bed!

I of course, being a girl with no technical knowledge and a VISA card that is already maxed so why not max it more kinda attitude, automatically look for the cutest laptop I can find:

Cute right?¬† I send it to my friend M who is a guy, who likes to save money and do things himself – blah blah¬†blah…LOL¬† He tells me “Niki, the smaller the screen the more expensive so go for a bigger screen etc etc etc”¬† Okay, I say “etc” because I tend to stop listening when people are trying to talk me out of something I really want!

Then I find out, that laptops don’t have Microsoft office or antivirus’ already installed on them – that it costs extra to do so.¬† PLUS I have a million (or so) files on my current laptop (pictures, teaching assignments) that have to be transferred.¬† M said he could do that…I am sure he can, but I get nervous when it comes to my pictures – I miss the days of “negatives” that I could throw in my drawer and know I could always find them when needed.¬† Keeping pictures on an electronic device that breaks very easily makes me incredibly nervous.¬† I hope M knows what he is getting himself into if he does switch them over.¬† I will be VERY anxious!¬† LOL…

So I have decided the best thing to do is have M take me laptop shopping.  I am sure, somewhere I can get a new pink laptop with Microsoft Office and an antivirus for a great price Рand M will help me find it!  And these are the days I miss my old bff because he was the person I would go to for all these things, but he ruined that and so did I so it just makes me ever so much more grateful to have M as my friend!

I look forward to blogging more often SOOOOON!

XOXO Nikilee


On September 21st my dad bought me the very beautiful PINK vaio that I wanted!  Love you daddy!!!

We are the Golden Girls…

My two BFF’s N and K are the kinds of women everyone wants as friends.¬† I have known them both for 15 years!¬† We met in 9th grade and though me and N were originally closer, K and I have grown this amazing attachment that just makes me smile whenever I think of our NK time.¬†

Last night I spent some time with these girls and we talked about when we were all 15…we fall into three very separate groups.¬† I was very confidant in high school and feel I looked and felt my best in my teens.¬† N, however really flourished in her early twenties.¬† She looked great, felt great and was moving forward with her life.¬† K however, who is turning thirty this weekend has really come out of her shell in the last couple of years and it looks like her thirties will be her best time!¬†

Thinking of this before I went to bed was a bit amusing, yet very unsatisfying.¬† My best years were over 10 years ago!¬† REALLY!¬† Is that possible??¬† My twenties were wasted years I know this; I had two amazing boyfriends (at separate¬†times obviously) whom I didn’t fully appreciate, an opportunity to really enjoy the two amazing schools I went to and make friends with people whom I could have really connected with – but I didn’t.¬† I don’t know why – I do know I was suffering from minor depression, which is greatly improving thanks to a healthy mix of therapy and medication, but I am still encouraged by the fact that I have another thirty years to improve upon.

I would hate to look back at 60 and say my teens were the best time of my life – really…high school, the¬†bane¬†of everyone’s existence??¬† No sir!¬† If thirty is the new twenty then I think it’s time to do things up right.¬† I am trying to be strong, independent, responsible, aware of others feelings and I think I have started things off pretty well for thirty.¬† I have four months left to really celebrate me and my life and with the help of N and K (and numerous other amazing friends) I plan on celebrating proper.

XOXO Nikilee

Really – that was the last long weekend of summer!?

Long weekends are joyful, fun and full of energy right – wrong.¬† Especially the last long weekend of summer.¬† I have had a couple of great labour day weekends in my past – Wasaga beach¬†year 1, year 2 sucked thanks to De, but year 1 was a blast – and the year before me and my ex started dating and we took the ferry over to Rochester for the weekend.¬† Remember that ferry – what a great experience!¬† But this labour day weekend was very bittersweet.¬† Friday – well I’m not even going into Friday…more on that in the future, but other than some NK time, the beginning of Friday was awful.¬†

 Saturday morning I had weight watchers and I was up 2 pounds!  FML!  Really!!!!  I am up 2.5 for the whole summer and I am upset, embarrassed and discouraged, but I have to keep going so here I go Рtrying to get my weight loss journey back on track! 

I visited my friend R and his daughter J Saturday which is always a blast cause I love that kid!¬† She is my joy!¬† LOL…Saturday dinner was Makimono with my sister and a lot of drama with my golden boy brother (what else is new)?!

Sunday we had church and the first Sunday of every month is communion Sunday.  I loved the service Рall about passion, and if my pastor has one thing Рits passion.  I loved it!  Granted when he talked about how some people have passion for frivolous things such as shoes, I silently cringed and looked guiltily down at my feet. 

I went and visited my girl E Sunday evening and caught up on her life – which I have missed out on most of the summer.¬† Of course her dog Cairo glued himself to my body¬†and I had enough Doberman hair on me to scare a cat, but I love my crazy Cairo so I didn’t mind.¬† I¬†am pretty sure her bf J wished I had stayed awaythough ¬†cause I got him in major shit with E, but I was just trying to warn him that he was going to be in trouble for playing ball all broken – not actually trying to get him in trouble myself!¬† Oops!¬†

Monday was a great NK day again and we went to visit K’s auntie which is always a treat!¬† Auntie is little old lady who has a lot of umph and lives downtown and visits all the festivals and shows that happen in Toronto.¬† Yesterday was Brazilian fest!¬† It wasn’t that great, but K, auntie and I made the best of it – the wine was good at least! ūüėȬ† LOL

So ya it may sound like my weekend was pretty good Рand overall it was, but those who know me РKNOW that rain and cold are two of my least favourite words and this weekend was just that Рalllllllllllllll weekend.  I am wanting my warmth and heat back  Рplease!!!!  I am asking nicely! 

Have a great week folks!¬† Next weekend is K’s 30th birthday, the last of my 29-year-old girl friends to make the decade change.¬† I am super excited for her because she is embracing 30 and I think it will be an amazing new decade of love, friendship and fun!¬† Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

XOXO Nikilee