Easter Weekend – over already?

I hate, hate HATE how a four-day weekend flies by, but a four-day work week drags like tomorrow will never come.  I had a great weekend, a weekend that tops 2011 off pretty well so far!

Friday my sister T and I went to Church (with it being Good Friday and all).  We signed up for the Alpha dinner Saturday night and will start Alpha classes on Mondays .  We are pretty excited about that.  Friday all afternoon, I relaxed, watched tv and chilled out!  My nieces K and R slept over Friday and we watched Wall-E.  Who knew a kids movie with almost no talking could be so cute!  Wall-Eeeeee!  Awww adorable!. 

Saturday I had weight watchers – no gain!  However no loss either 😦  I am hoping to get my 10% soon so I pray I have a loss this Saturday.  Saturday afternoon my brother, sister-in-law and nephew came over so we made Easter dinner, played games and hung out as a family.  It was really nice.  Even when my nephew started acting the fool and my dad got mad at him. 

Sunday I had church again – I can’t help it, I just love church!  Global Kingdom Ministries has such an amazing family and spiritual presence.  After that I went straight to E’s and took a nap!  What a great nap!  As I was napping E and her friend J cooked Easter lamb.  Baaaaaaa…LOL

We went to C’s residence for dinner and it was so good!  Lamb, ham, potatoes, champagne from the Bahama’s!  It was all good.  However, it was not helpful for my weight loss I am sure!  After dinner I went back to E’s and slept over.  We had a bottle of wine and champagne and passed out around midnight.  Eating and drinking can be EXHAUSTING! 

On Monday, I spent the day sprawled out on E’s couch with her 90 pd Doberman sprawled out on ME!  I love Cairo!  We watched The Kings Speech (great movie, a bit slow, but very interesting) and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows for the 4th time!  It’s soooo good though!  I am a Harry Potter and Twilight fanatic!  Wait till November of this year when Breaking Dawn comes to theaters…my blog will be full of Bella and Edward stuff! 

All good things must come to an end though right?  So when I got home, I cleaned and did laundry and made muffins for a supervisor here as he came back from vacation today!  YAY!  I will be enjoying my four-day week HOPING that it goes quickly!

Have a great week everyone! 

XOXO Nikilee

P.S I got chewed out by E for even THINKING of making a move to BC.  She was not happy and decided I am NOT allowed to even consider it!  “We are not talking, whose talking??”  E makes me laugh!

Capricorn…all work and no play

“Your career is calling. Are you ready to assume a leadership position or become an authority in your field? With Saturn here, you have a chance to do that and bring in the kind of money associated with it.”

This was part of my horoscope today.  My horoscope has always been something that interests me.  I like to read it and see if it could have any hidden meaning, does it make sense, could it be trying to tell me something.  Now I know as a Christian I should not be putting any merit on a horoscope, that my path is already laid out by the choices I make, but sometimes, they are just fun to read and interpret. 

As far as today’s horoscope is concerned: well, I don’t know.  I mean I want to one day become a supervisor at TESS.  I know I can do it, I know I will do it – one day.  Not anytime soon.  I mean I don’t even have the two-year case worker requirement under my belt.  I have a lot to learn and a lot that I need to do before moving on and up is a reality.  I have trainings I want to take, vacation spots to visit, a family to have – hopefully!  And all this I would like to do before I make the jump to SDP.  It definitely has me thinking though and maybe focusing on what’s important.  Rather then looking at it as a horoscope, I will look at it as a friendly reminder of what’s possible.  That’s nice!

I will return to blog on Monday about my Easter weekend.  I hope you all have a great 3 or 4 day vacation!!! 

XOXO Nikilee

Is a move in order

Okay so I am well aware that my friends are going to cuss me after me discussing this, but I want to tell you a secret…

I am thinking of a possible move to the west coast.  As in British Columbia.  I would have to have a job first obviously, but I think I need a change, a breath of fresh air.  I will be spending time looking for city jobs, employment counsellor jobs and of course teaching jobs in BC and if I am meant to be in BC (Vancouver or Victoria) then I will get a job and things will fall into place.

Why do I want to move?  I don’t know really.  I have thought about it for years.  In fact me and the ex had talked about it numerous times, but he would never move me from my father or my friends even though I said I wanted to go.  I don’t know if things would have been different if we had moved.  Things wouldn’t have been the same obviously, but he still might have broken my heart.  But now that I am stronger and happier then I have been in a long time, I am re-thinking the possibility of moving.  I have always wanted to go to BC, on vacation, take the train west and enjoy seeing Canada, but maybe a move would be the thing to jump start my life again??

I don’t know…these are just thoughts right now.  I have no job prospects at all and I am not foolish enough to leave my cushy City job with Toronto in order to move.  So for now I am staying put. 

XOXO Nikilee

Makimono and Dairy Queen – great combo…

So I have met my sister’s bosses daughter.  J is the cutest 15-year-old kid around.  She is so polite, well-mannered, kind and just adorable – do 15 year old’s want to be called adorable – probably not.  OH WELL.  Me and T took her and T’s daughter K to Makimono!  Yep again…I know I should get stock in that company.  We ate until we were all dying and then had ice cream (well I had Jello).  It was great as always…I cannot say enough about this place.  Please if you like/love Sushi/Japanese food go, enjoy and thank me later!

When I got home, I talked to M who is still having lady trouble – but having been there just a few months ago, I can relate completely.  M wanted ice cream.  My stomach threatened to kill me if I put more food in it, but I said I’d go along for the ride.  Well – knowing me, I would eat a blizzard or a brownie earthquake thingy once we got there, but I was GOOD!  I had a bottle of water while M ate a salad and a blizzard!  LOL…another great combo!?

Talking to M is always fun and always leaves me with something to think about.  After talking about his issues, M talked about my past issues.  M believes that my ex loved me and still does to this day and even though he hurt me beyond what I ever thought possible, he just chose the selfish way out of our relationship when it wasn’t working instead of being a man and working things out.  It doesn’t change how I feel about my ex – at all.  In fact if anything it almost makes me more pissed, but at the same time, it made me think – maybe he did love me…maybe it’s possible to love someone, but not be able to reach out to them, to give up, to move on…I don’t know.  It doesn’t even really matter anymore, because the great news blogging friends is that I am feeling pretty damn good about myself lately!

I have lost to date 19 pds and at least one dress size.  I am spending so much time with friends (E, K and N xoxo all the way to you ladies) that I have really begun to believe in my own awesomeness.  I can’t wait to find a MAN to share that with. 

Easter is this weekend and it looks like it will be a crazy time of running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but I get to go to church, spend time with my nieces, cook, drink, eat and be merry and have a sleep over at E’s house.  All I need is to get through this week to enjoy a 4 day weekend!

XOXO Nikilee

Another day, another mouse?


See when you turn 30 and have no man in your life that is willing to do the yucky, gross things (like getting rid of dead or live mice) you have suck it up and do it yourself.  So after work I did as I said and I went to Home Depot and bought two new traps and one plug-in sound machine thing that makes them want to leave.  The guy at the HD was great and he gave me advice, costs etc (I told him I’d sell a kidney to get rid of the mice – he thought I was kidding.  I wasn’t). 

When I got home with my new goodies, I had one problem left.  There was still a dead mouse in the trap that was in the kitchen.  I sucked it up and with tears flowing, I grabbed a broom, swept it in to the middle of the kitchen so I had a better view to confirm his death was real and not a ploy to get me close to him/her so he could bite me, and put the whole thing (trap and mouse) into a garbage bag.  I then threw the whole bag into the garbage outside.  LIVE OR DEAD YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN MY HOME!

I then set the two new traps, plugged in the sound machine, washed my hands and feeling very brave – yet still jittery – sat down feeling very proud of myself!

And there was no mice in the traps this morning, thanks be to God for that cause I prayed for no mice!!!

I had dinner with R and T for R’s 35th b-day!  We went to Ten Ichi in Scarborough – all you can eat Japanese.  It was good.  I liked it, the fish was so fresh and they had a good variety.  However, I was not impressed with the service (though it was really busy) and the atmosphere isn’t as nice as at Makimono.  I will still look to Makimono for my go-to japanese eatery, but Ten Ichi wasn’t bad at all!

Meanwhile…in my attempt to “do more” I signed up for an ASL class at Seneca College starting in May with my friend DC.  She is already okay at signing, but my sign language knowledge has left my brain and I can only hope I pick it up as quickly as I did when I took the program four years ago. 

Yay to me for bravery and showing initiative!

XOXO Nikilee

Three blind mice…

If they are blind, why do they so easily find MY house to wander around??  On Sunday morning I woke up and when I was getting breakfast I realized I could no longer see the mouse trap that was underneath our green bin shelf.  I looked down and sure enough, a little white mouse had bitten the dust!

Now you may be saying “and…no big deal”  but to me this is horrible, devastating!  I hate mice, I am so terrified of them, I actually fell backwards and knocked over a chair when I saw the dead mouse.  They freak me out. 

Thankfully, my brother came later that day and disposed of it and reset the trap.  I felt better!  YAY mouse free house! 

Until this morning…there is another F@#$ing mouse in my trap!  I felt ill immediately.  I mean how many can there be?  I am going straight to Canadian Tire today after work and picking up two more traps and those things you plug-in the wall that make them go away.   I told my friend M about my situation and he is going to help me look for holes in the house tomorrow after work and fill them in for me. 

This has really just confirmed one thing for me.  I need to move.  I need to get my a$$ in gear and get out ASAP.  I cannot live in a house where mice rule and my father doesn’t care.  He would share the house with the creatures if it wasn’t for me having a panic attack every five minutes.  I have GOT to be out within one year and if that is not possible, then I go back to renting, because as much as I love my father – more than life – I can’t live in a house that is falling apart and not do anything about it.  I really can’t.  I know this, and to some degree I know he does too.

If anyone wants to come de-mouse my house and they live in or around Scarborough, let me know!!!  LOL

XOXO Nikilee

Find a penny, pick it up…

…All day long you’ll have good luck!

That’s how the saying goes right?  Well I need luck, we all do sometimes.  My grandmother always taught me to walk with my head down.  Now this may outrage people!  Why should a girl/woman walk with her down – she should raise that head and be proud.  Well, my grandmother would agree with you – but if your head is raised, you will never find the money that floats around the sidewalk.  I swear my grandmother earned her weight in pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters – and once she found a $20 bill!  All by keeping her head down while she walked.  Now that is luck!  For her at least, the person who lost the money is probably cussing up a storm!

I have a hard time believing in luck lately, maybe it be the circumstances or whatnot, but for me it’s more of a belief in faith and what will be will be.  Things have been pretty good with me lately.  I had dinner with M last night at Makimono and helped him with some of his problems for a change instead of everyone having to help me with mine!  As much as I was disappointed in some of his recent actions, M is my friend and he honestly hurts over what he has done and for me it’s not my job to forgive, but help him right his wrongs.  The dinner was lovely as was the conversation, but with M it always is!

Now I did something this week a lot of people disapproved of and so did I, but it felt right so I had to do it.  I texted the ex.  His grandmother passed away a year ago this month and even though we were in a bad place at the time, I still loved her!  I wanted to send my best wishes to him and his family.  Now I don’t know if he will actually send his family my thoughts and prayers, because really I am sure they wonder why I am no longer any part of his life, but I know I did a good thing, something I wanted to do!  He texted back about me spending more time with my grandmother and blah blah blah, but really at this point he has no right to give me advice about anything or anyone.  I love my grandmother and I know she is proud of me and will continue being proud of me when her time is over.  But yes, I do know that getting closer to my grandmother is important and I will make a conscious effort to do so.  Since that will be our last time communicating, at least I didn’t cuss him out or A out – I’m a big kid now!  LOL…

Have a great Thursday everyone…

XOXO Nikilee