Majestic Colonial Part 1

Today is my last day of work for over a week!  Let me tell you, the last week at work has been hell.  I feel like I’ve been fighting with everyone and I am not enjoying waking up to come to work like I normally do.  This is a problem.  However I am thinking, I hate winter, I have bum problems, I’m broke, there is an impending lockout/strike looming over our heads and I am feeling very claustrophobic in my room.  All of these things are making me a bit antsy and moody so I am hoping when I get a whole lotta vitamin D next week it will rejuvenate me for the rest of winter and get me through what I need to do for the next couple of months.

Now, on to the great news!  This time tomorrow (8:00am) I will be in an airport limo headed to Pearson airport!  WOOHOO!  I cannot wait.  I get to help one of my favourite friends celebrate her marriage to her wonderful husband AND I get some quality sister time which a girl needs every now and then.  I have completed packing and I know my aunt wants me to weigh this suitcase, but I just can’t.  It’s embarrassing how much I pack.  I just have issues with downsizing.  Especially cause of the wedding, I need make up and spanx to hold in the rolls, different shoes, a strapless bra and my dress!  So really it’s harder to pack!!!  I am not really buying a lot of souvenirs because if my sister wants to buy stuff for kids then I don’t need to.  I just get to buy stuff for ME which is my favourite person to shop for anyway cause I am so easy to please. 

I cannot wait to be at the Majestic, I will blog photo’s when I get back.  Until then, I hope you all have a safe wonderful week and please *follow* my blog so you can tell when I get back! 

XOXO Nikilee

beKause of the drama, i’m talKing about the Kardashians

Yep, two days before I leave for a week-long vacation to the Dominican and I am bogged down with personal and professional drama.  The personal drama is whatever to me because it’s idiotic, but the professional drama, is REALLY starting to get to me.  So what am I going to do…I’m gonna talk about the Kardashians.

A year ago you NEVER would have had me write a single word about these women.  I never cared about them and had no idea who they were.  Lately (because I get E) I have watched the whole Kim and Kris wedding drama and lately have gotten into the older Kourtney and Khloe take Miami *I’m in Miami bitch*.  I have a few opinions about these women and because I am opinionated and bored by my own drama, I am going to talk about these women.

Kourtney, the oldest of the sisters. She is a beautiful, successful woman with a man by her side, a son she adores and a bun in the oven.  Now, I am not sure how much actual work she does (I don’t count appearances or photo shoots cause really…I just don’t), but she truly loves her family and her friends and this is clearly witnessed on all of her shows.  My one grip with her – she sleeps in the same bed as her son and not her boyfriend (common-law husband Scott).  This is weird to me.  I have other friends who sleep in bed with their children, quite a few actually and it’s just weird.  Once in a while okay, but I believe women really need to nurture their relationship with their significant other and how can they do that with a toddler or young child in between them or if he is not even in the same bed!!!!  Scott doesn’t like this arrangement but it seems like what ever the Kardashian sisters want, the Kardashian sisters get. Since she is pregnant again, clearly they do spend SOME time together, but I hope for her sake she can ensure her relationship with Scott is secure and protected.

Now Kim…everyone wants to put a hate on for her…did Kris not propose to her, did Kris not say I DO?  Kim and Kris have fought since the beginning of this proposal from what I saw and if Kris thought Kim treated him poorly then Kris should have man’d up and kicked her ass to the curb.  But no, he liked the idea of being in the Kardashian clan just as much as she liked the idea of being married and having everyone fawn all over her.  I don’t dislike Kim, she isn’t my favourite sister and I do not by any means enjoy watching her marriage fall apart on national tv, but being a reality star was her decision so she’s getting what she gets paid for – publicity, negative publicity unfortunately.  She’s a beautiful woman with a good sense for business and I hope she rebounds out of this drama soon. 

Now on to my favourite sister.  Khloe, not only do I love her name (because one day I will name my daughter Chloe) but I think she is the most real sister of the three.  She is beautiful, devoted to her family and husband and hilarious.  She is crude and honest and I love that about her.  She would be the one I would be friends with.  Reminds me of my girl E (the Doberman owner).  Khloe loves Lamar so much she followed him to Dallas when he got traded.  What did Kim say about Milwaukee where Kris was playing “that she wouldn’t move there”.  I hope Khloe has a great life, she yearns for a child so much and I think she would be ecstatic to have one…good luck Khloe! 


XOXO Nikilee

Oh Buffalo Wild Wings has come to Canada!!

I am so happy I could cry, okay maybe not cry, but internally there is a lot of jumping for joy.  Here is my story: back in 2008 my friend Kat went to school in Moon Township P.A.  Me and the ex were friends with her and her bf at the time so we went and visited her there.  They took us out to dinner at this amazing wing place (Buffalo Wild Wings).  We got take out and ordered some sauces to go.  The wings were So. Freaken. Good.  We loved it there.  Every time we went to P.A to see her or to shop we would stop by BWW and grab wings and sauce! 

In Nov 2011 when I went with sister-in-law and crazy cat lady to Grove City for Black Friday Shopping, I took them to BWW and we ate in and ate so much food there was an embarrassing gas issue on the way back to the hotel.  (I know too much info – but really, the food is THAT good). 

Well last night, the ex finally had a day off work, and since I am leaving for the Dominican in 3 more days (YAY!) we decided to have dinner.  I told him to choose the restaurant cause really, I choose Makimono every time I am told to choose where to eat.  We drove and drove and drove and finally I realized we were in Oshawa.  What the heck does Oshawa have that Scarborough doesn’t??  A BUFFALO WILD WINGS!

I did NOT know this.  It’s pretty much exactly the same as the one I have tried in the states.  From the sports bar theme to the yellow and black uniforms to the wings in paper dishes.  Fantastic.  It’s located at 800 West King Street in Oshawa.  I mean it’s possible that Wild Wings is just as good, but I have never been there so I don’t know.  But I do enjoy Buffalo Wild Wings.  The service was great, our waitress was sweet (pretty blond wearing a breast cancer bracelet that said “I love Boobies”), and there was tonnes of tv’s playing the leafs game – we won, and a couple of different Basketball games.  I can totally see me there in the summer, on the patio eating wings and drinking margaritas (I don’t like beer – sorry). 

I hope you all have a great HUMP day!

XOXO Nikilee

My top 5 dating rules

As a single girl in a coupled world I have become very confused and turned off by all the rules of dating.  I am not dating anyone and if all this confusion keeps up, I don’t know if I ever will!  Everyone has a tonne of advice (especially married men and women) and most of the advice is contradictory to other advice given (make the man pay, go dutch, whoever asks pays) AHHHHH!  I have decided to come up with own rules for dating and these are mainly because I believe in them firmly and if a man is not cool with these rules, then he is not the right man for me!

1. The man will take me out to  a meal for our first date OR plan a fun activity.  A coffee date will not do.  If you do not think I am worth a meal or an activity that takes longer then 20 minutes, then you are not worth my time and we should get to know each other over phone, email, text before we decide to hang out.  This is not because I am a gold digger or want a free meal, I can afford my own food I just truly believe that I am worth it, I am a nice person, a fun girl and have a lot to offer so really…I am worth a dinner!  I had a guy take me to coffee on a first date three times last year, after I finished my coffee (and I drink fast) I figured it was time to go because that was the only plan.  Coffee just doesn’t work as a real first date.  No time to get to know someone.

2. No games, if you say you are going to call/text/email do it.  Don’t make me chase you because I wont.  If you are going to be late please call and tell me this, because there is nothing worse in my eyes then lateness!  I dated a guy who was late for my fathers birthday dinner!!!  You all know how much I love my father – guess how happy I was that night?!  And if you have to cancel a date, then a phone call – not a text – is needed.  If it has to be a text then a follow-up phone call is appreciated.

3. I will not be giving up the cookie easily – you are going to have to earn it.  My goal is not to sleep with as many men as possible, but to find the right man, “the man”.  One of those famous coffee dates I had, the guy kissed me (which I was cool with) and tried to feel me up (which I was SO NOT COOL WITH).  Really you buy me a coffee, have a 20 minute conversation with me and you think you can touch me where ever you feel…LOL…no.   I will not fall for any come on lines or sweetness…if you want the cookie, then be my friend, date me, care for me, take care of me, show me you are honest and loyal and then…

4. Introduce me to your family and your friends after we have decided we are in a relationship. A guy I dated in the fall wanted me to meet his mom a week after our first date.  no.  I am a family oriented person and my girlfriends mean the world to me, but they are not going to meet you until we have decided this is going to be something.  I would hope your family and friends are just as important to you!

5.  I am not the easiest person to deal with all the time. I have a lot of responsibility and I can get grouchy and whiny just like any other person does.  But I am also kind, caring, hard-working, loyal, honest and the best friend/partner you could find.  I know this about myself and if  a real man arrives who also meets the above adjectives then maybe magic could happen!  LOL…okay I get it – that sounds totally corny!  I am corny though so it’s all good!

XOXO Nikilee

5 more sleeps, 5 more sleeps! YEEHAW

Okay, I don’t think I have ever said yeehaw in my life, maybe one time drunk in Peterborough during my University years, but even then I doubt it!

I am just so excited to be leaving for a weeks long vacation.  I am packed and could leave today if needed!  Granted I’ve been packed for almost a week.  All I need to do is add my brush and make-up (cause I am in the wedding, I should wear makeup!). 

My sister-in-law T, not so much.  She hasn’t packed.  Shes started to think about it.  She’s pulled some things out.  I know we aren’t blood related, but how can two people who are so close and love each other so much be so different.  I sent her my list of what I was taking and she responded with “I don’t own four pairs of flip-flops!”  WHAT!  I own like 12-15 pairs of flip-flops.  My friend K (crazy cat lady) owns a tub worth of flip-flops (probably over 20).  I mean they can range from like $3.00-$20.00.  Who doesn’t own four pairs of flip-flops!  Sigh, T I love you, thank God!

My only real concern is leaving my father for so long.  I haven’t left him this long since 2008 and my brother was around because he broke his arm falling off a roof – sober, two days before me and T left for Cuba.  Ya, idiot. Either way, I am preparing a few meals, getting all his meds in order and leaving the number to my hotel with family and neighbours – just in case.  If I think too much about it I may have a panic attack, I don’t like not being in control of his life.  😦

Have a great week everyone! 

XOXO Nikilee

Another week down…

Sorry my blogging friends, I have been away for a couple of days – home, not at work – why…because of the pain.

Stupid wound hasn’t healed and I am not going to go into all the drama, gross drama surrounding it, but lets just say the past two days have been hell.  But, there is only so much day time talk shows one can watch without their brain going to mush – pretty sure my dads brain is MUSHY MUSH!  So I am back to work today hoping to be productive, help someone, make someone smile and of course, blog!

I must admit that I was kinda glad for my problems yesterday when I woke up at 10:00 and saw the blizzard snow storm Toronto was hit with.  I literally walked into my living room, saw the gross snow and walked back into my room, rolled up in the blankets and put on Criminal Minds – because Derek Morgan can make anyone feel better. 

When I came back out around 5:00 the snow had stopped and I immediately called snow boy who is the teenager down the street who clears my snow!  He is so great, I am sure his family would disagree since he is also a huge troublemaker, but I adore him.  He is always so polite to me and since I used to tutor him when he was little, we have a relationship built on trust and respect.  He cleaned the snow so I could see the ground!  He also cleaned off my car and got as much snow out from under my car as he possibly could!  I love you snow boy!  You make me smile! 

Today I am back at work, working on schedules, calendars and of course listening to all the gossip regarding the upcoming Local 416 strike/lockout and whether Local 79 will have to follow.  Argh, I hate gossip!  Well, I love good gossip, whose sleeping with who, whose getting fired, who got drunk and slept with a random…LOL…this is all good fun gossip – getting locked out and losing my income for however long is NOT good gossip.

Missed you all while I was away…hope your weekend is enjoyable!

XOXO Nikilee

Boo mofo hoo

That is how I feel today. 

In April 2009 I had surgery for a Pilonidal Sinus removal.  That was the beginning of the end for me.  Please don’t ask me what that is…if you want to know (trust me you don’t) then google it. 

I say it was the beginning of the end because I never healed properly – even though I had home care for 4 months – some great home care workers, some not so great home care workers.  I ended up having the SAME surgery in March 2010.  I had home care for 5 months before the idiots at VOM said my time is up – funny since I hadn’t healed…bitches.  Sorry I don’t like to swear on my blog, but really VOM is full of idiotic bitches!!!

Well guess what – my wound, still has not healed!  ALMOST THREE YEARS LATER!  Where is my angry face emoticon – I have no idea!!!  Grrrr I will growl instead. 

I saw my surgeon yesterday – who in reality is fantastic and nice and sympathetic and is confused by my unhealable body – no I am not diabetic – and he did something that I think was to clean out any infection and this is how the exchange went down:

me: what are you doing        him: I am cleaning the area         me: will it hurt      him: no, well it shouldn’t, well it might just burn a bit (as he slathers on the medication)  me: gritting teeth and tears forming    him: does it hurt?                  me: uh huh (in a high-pitched voice) him: okay

Okay??  Are you fucking kidding me!!  OW!  I am human, you are burning my skin…yes it hurts, yes I want to jump off this table and ram that thing up your butt! 

Maybe not, I’m a hypochondriac – he is nice and I know most people have a pain threshold that I do not have.  But ever since this exchange, I have not been comfortable sitting down without wincing!  It hurts.  I am so emotional and feeling depressed because this has been such a long go.  He said if not better after my Dominican trip then he may refer me to a plastic surgeon to see if they can help – think they will do a tummy tuck and boob lift as well?? 

I was so upset I went home early from work and lied in bed all day and night.  The ex came over last night after listening to me whimper on the phone for an hour.  He brought a tea and let me lie down beside him so I could get comfy.  It was a kind gesture.  Waking up this morning, feeling about 20% better I highly considered calling in sick but I threw on what looked clean and headed out through the rain and fog to get to work safely. 

Hope you are having a better week then me!!!

XOXO Nikilee